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  100% Natural AMBUNU     

  From Chad Africa




Natural Shampoo cleanses your hair without chemicals

Amazing Detangling due to Ambunu's incredible slip 

Moisturizes your hair making your hair soft and shiny

Curl Activator

Decreases hair loss

Antioxidant qualities


Saves you time with your hair routine

Decrease your child's shampoo day stress


What is Ambunu????

Pronounced  (AH BOO NEW)

Ambunu is a plant grown in Chad Africa. The technical name for this plant is "Ceratotheca Sesamoide" Women in Africa have been using Ambunu for centuries. They use the leaves to cleanse and condition their hair. The plant contains saponin, naturally occurring in the leaves making the leaves slippery and gives Ambunu its cleansing properties. It is an antioxidant and  anti-inflammatory agent. The emollient quality makes this product wonderful for our hair. Finally a product that our hair loves and craves from Africa back to you.


Pronounced(AH BOO NEW)

Ambunu is easy to use. 1 Tablespoon of Ambunu leaves in one and a half cup of hot water. Allow to sit for 10 minutes, set your timer. Stir. The consistency is like an egg white. At this point you can strain the leaves thru a mesh strainer then transfer the liquid via a funnel to your applicator bottle. You can also use it straight from the bowl. The leaves fall out when you comb your hair. Section your hair and wet with water. Apply the warm Ambunu mixture to your hair and scalp. Massage your scalp. This is the cleaning process. There is NO LATHER. Lather comes from chemicals and Ambunu is chemical free. Detangle your hair with your favorite detangling instrument. The leaves fall out without leaving leaves in your hair.  Your hair will detangle effortlessly. You will then notice your curls will pop. Rinse out as you would any shampoo, but re-apply the remainder of the liquid because Ambunu is a terrific leave-in conditioner. During the week mist your hair with water and Ambunu re-activates slightly making your curls soft with a nice shine. This information is included with your Ambunu purchase. AMBUNU is the perfect solution to the stress of your child's wash day. No more tangles. Ambunu before you weave, twist or braid, or just because you want a healthier scalp and moisturized hair. Allow Ambunu to guide you on your hair journey. Ambunu has the aroma of green tea giving you that relaxing spa-like experience. No more wash day stress. Ambunu saves you time and money because a pre-poo is not needed. 

Ambunu Powder uses one teaspoon per cup and a half of hot water. Stir. No need to strain. All other directions are the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water do I add?

Just use 1 1/2 cup hot water. Consistency should be like a fresh egg white.

 Allow to sit for 10 minutes.

What does it smell like should I add a essential oil.

The fragrance of Ambunu is like that of green tea. Nice smell and essential oil is not needed.

Does wet hair dilute the Ambunu?

No you can use in the shower. Apply the Ambunu and massage in. Wet hair does not dilute the mixture. Comb thru

Can you really leave-in or do you need to rinse out?

Rinse out as you would any shampoo, then apply the left over mixture as a leave-in conditioner. I like the softness of my hair. I also mist my hair during the week and it seems to re-activate the Ambunu slightly keeping my hair soft and tangle free. For maximum after Ambunu section hair into small sections use your favorite oil then gel.

How long does it take to get the leaves out

I strain my mixture using a household strainer & funnel the mixture into a applicator bottle. Very small particles comb out easily. I have been lazy and didn't strain and the leaves came out ok. Ambunu powder is a finer and easier way to go.

Ambunu Powder is sold out can you put me on the waiting list?

 Ambunu Powder is our best seller and sells out quickly. When Ambunu powder is sold out we will ship your paid order when it comes in, usually within 14 days. 

Can I use this on a child's hair?

Absolutely and your hair wash day will be less stressful because of the detangling benefit of Ambunu.  

How much Ambunu Powder do I use?

One teaspoon per cup and a half of hot water. Directions will be with your package.

If Ambunu is ingested do I call poison control?

Ambunu is used in Africa to thicken drinks and soups. Simply follow with water,

International shipping available contact us for rate  [email protected]

BONUS Applicator bottle & measuring scoop included

PREMIUM AMBUNU POWDER 50gm comes with this pretty African container. BONUS Applicator bottle & measuring scoop with your order.


Ambunu Leaves 50 grams will last 4 months


White bag 

Statue not included Ambunu Leaves 150 grams makes 51 washes a year's supply

* Monthly Sale    $13.99 

Use every other week will Last 9 months  

Regular price $27.99

African container included 



PREMIUM AMBUNU POWDER 25 Will last 5 months

$4.99 Sample both Powder & Leaves

Sample of Powder & leaves